Dog Tales Collection
The Author, Patricia A. Brill, PhD and Turbo

Over the years I have developed a passion for helping and rescuing dogs. I have been seen driving through the neighborhood with two lost dogs sitting in the passenger seat of my Porsche looking for their owners. Currently, I live with four rescue dogs named Turbo, Cayman, Carrera, and Porsche Bella. With four rescue dogs come many visits to the veterinarian clinic. One day Dr. Larry Fleming, owner of Marina Bay Animal Hospital in League City, Texas, and I were discussing Turbo’s upcoming surgery to remove cancerous moles. Dr. Larry mentioned that he has had several parents ask him if he had any material to help them explain to their children what happens when a dog or cat has cancer. He said the children have so many questions and concerns regarding their pets.

I was working on writing a chapter book about my dogs because I thoughts their escapades were hysterical. But then the educator in me kicked in and I decided to write books to inform, educate and empower children using my dogs as the characters.

Based upon the recommendation of Dr. Larry, the first book I wrote was titled “Do Bad Dogs Get Cancer?” The inspiration for the title of the book came while I was sitting with my mother while she was getting chemotherapy. She leaned over and asked my sister if she got cancer because she was a “bad mother.” I thought that, if an adult thinks this way, what are children with cancer thinking? After the book was published, I received many great responses from parents saying that this book helped their children understand that cancer is not contagious and the best thing to do if they know someone who has cancer is to be a friend.

After writing that book, I went back to Dr. Larry to see what other issues children have with their pets. We discussed death and dying; surgery and recovery; and even adoption. Inspired, I started writing more books.

The second book was titled “Don’t Say Good Bye, Just Say See You!” My mother, who lost her battle with cancer, would never say “Good Bye.” She would just say “See You.” To my mother, “Good Bye” was something you would say to someone you may never see again. “See You” meant that sometime in the future she would see us again.

The third book was inspired by my Aunt Mary. One day her Maltipoo swallowed the foam that goes between the toes after a pedicure. She rushed her dog named Gracie to Dr. Larry for surgery. The whole time Gracie was in surgery, Aunt Mary sat in the McDonald’s next to the veterinary hospital and cried. She was so scared because she didn’t know what was happening to Gracie. That’s when I wrote, “The Road to Recovery is Paved with Dog Treats.”

We already had four rescue dogs, but along came the opportunity to adopt a little white boxer. We had Turbo, Cayman, Carrera (all named after the Porsche), and Chevron (we rescued her at a Chevron station). We named our little white boxer Porsche Bella. “Porsche Bella’s Forever Home!” was written to help children learn the importance of fostering and adopting animals to give them a second chance. It is my passion to encourage a new generation of animal rescuers.

The next book, “No Treats for Bullies!” was written because bullying is increasing. It is important to let children know they can make a difference in other people’s lives. It is important to teach children at an early age about the negative effects bullying can have on others. Turbo, aka RUFF-T, sings a rap song to help children understand that bullying is NOT OK! You can find this song on YouTube – No Treats for Bullies by RUFF-T.

“When a Virus Takes Over the World” was written during the Corona Virus pandemic to help children understand the impact a virus can have on them and their loved ones and teaches them how they can take preventive measures to stop the spread of the virus.

Children have most likely heard about the virus pandemic. However, limiting information from them may create additional worry and feelings of being scared. One way to reduce their concerns is to provide them with simple and honest information.

This book offers parents an opportunity to let children express their concerns about virus outbreaks and help answer any questions that may have. Using animals as a reference point can help children relate to issues not only related to their pets but other life issues.

“The Power of Kindness and Treats!” offers parents an opportunity to show their children there is nothing more rewarding than the feeling of doing a good deed for someone else. Real happiness comes from not what you get but what you give.

The latest book in the Dog Tales Collection is titled “Keep Chasing Your Dreams and You’ll Get Treats!” This book offers parents an opportunity to teach their children there is nothing more rewarding than the feeling of working hard to achieve their dreams. The intent of this book is to encourage parents to build confidence and optimism to help their children overcome obstacles that may come into their path and lead to achievement.

Currently, the Dog Tails Collection has seven books to help children ages 5 to 8 better understand concerns they have regarding their pets, friends, or loved ones. The stories are written in an uplifting way to help parents start these difficult conversations with their children. We are in the process of getting these books into the hands of the parents and children who need them.

We are working with schools, librarians, associations related to the book’s subjects, parenting organizations, and through social media to reach people like you. Please reach out to us if you can help us reach our goal of getting these books into the hands of children and parents who need them.