Don’t Say Good Bye Just Say See You!

Don’t Say Goodbye Just Say See You!

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ISBN-13: 978-0-9815551-7-1 (Paperback)
Size: 8.5×8.5
32 pages
Price: $9.95

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Book award

Winner of the 2016 Reader’s Favorite Bronze Award in the Children – Animal Category

Grief and loss are normal feelings to have when a relative, friend, or pet dies.

Don’t Say Good Bye Just Say See You! reassures a child that no matter how sad or angry they feel when they lose a relative, friend, or pet, in time their sadness will ease and they will be able to remember the happiness they shared.
This book gives parents an opportunity to talk about death with their grieving child by addressing their feelings of sadness, anger, and guilt, and clarifying any misconceptions they may have.

Don’t Say Good Bye Just Say See You! brings a comforting perspective for children who are grieving the loss of their pet or loved one. Parents can use a pet that has died as a good reference point in the discussion of human death.

Patricia A. Brill, Ph.D. is an award-winning author and the creator of The Dog Tales Collection. Her intent in developing The Dog Tales Collection was to help parents start a conversation with their children regarding issues or concerns they may have with their pets. These books not only speak to the concerns children have related to their pets, but can also teach children about issues of life, illness, or diversity within their own lives. Turbo, Cayman, Carrera, and Porsche Bella, all rescue dogs, live with Patricia and her husband Dino.

Curt Walstead has been working in the children’s market for over twenty years as an illustrator, cartoonist, character designer, and animation storyboard artist. During that time he had the opportunity to work on many of today’s popular children’s shows such as Dora the Explorer, Clifford’s Puppy Days, Baby Loony Tunes, and Dragon Tales. Currently, he resides with his family in Southern California and concentrates his efforts on illustrating children’s books.