Keep Chasing Your Dreams

Keep Chasing Your Dreams

Reader's Favorite - Five Star AwardReviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite
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“Success takes hard work, but it will be worth it in the end. Never give up on your dream because you failed. Failure allows you to learn from your mistakes and then take a different approach to achieve your dream.”

In Keep Chasing Your Dreams and You’ll Get Treats! by Patricia A. Brill, readers learn that Turbo is a very wise dog. He’s Shelby’s mentor and coach, helping Shelby overcome her fear of failing. You see, Shelby, an adopted dog, dreams of winning at agility, but she’s small and the bigger dogs make fun of her. Turbo insists that she tries anyway and coaches her at night when no one is around. As Shelby’s confidence increases, so does her ability. Yes, she still fails, but she gets up again and tries even harder. There’s nothing sweeter than success earned by hard work and determination.

Patricia A. Brill’s picture book Keep Chasing Your Dreams and You’ll Get Treats! is an engaging little story to encourage young readers not just to believe and to dream big, but also to believe in themselves. The plot follows Shelby as she trains with Turbo and gains confidence both on the agility field and off. The language is simple and easy to read to help young readers improve their language skills. The illustrations are bright, bold, and colorful and certainly help move the story along. Young readers will instantly fall in love with both Shelby and Turbo and they’ll be cheering for Shelby as she finally takes the big challenge and competes in the agility competition. Even when she improves, Shelby has her doubts, but Turbo keeps pushing her forward, making her try harder and believe in herself. This is an empowering, educational and entertaining story that will appeal to young readers.